About Us

We are Allison and Matthew, the wife-husband team behind Tandem Photo & Reel. Tandem has been a thing since 2011. It started as a web design, editing, and photography company, but the photography side took over very quickly (we still love doing reels though!). Allison does the shooting and the video/photo editing while Matthew spirits away all those blinky faces you'll definitely make during your session and makes sure you stay hydrated.


We know, we're basically the dentists of the acting world: you need new headshots, but you really, really, really don't want to. We focus on making the process easy, comfortable, and even fun, so you're left with shots that look and feel like you. 


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What's with the name?

The idea behind the name is that we work together to get you the marketing materials you need to best present yourself. It started out with web design and reels, but we take the same approach to photography. We're here to guide you, direct you, and give our honest opinions, but we're not a my-way-or-the-highway operation. 





Some Nice Stuff People Have Said Lately...

"I am going out so much more than ever before. I’m currently on avail and have another audition tomorrow. Can’t thank you guys enough. Especially for being so reasonable about the price - moving so fast - and helping me look like myself while still looking “commercial.” Keep doing what you’re doing."

- Photo Client, 2017


"Just wanted to say thank you for a great, professional experience. I was impressed. Thanks for helping me to feel welcome."

- Photo Client, 2017

"My theatrical agent told me these are the best headshots I've ever gotten. So thank you for that."

- Photo Client, 2017


"I've gotten so many auditions through your guys' shots. You are seriously the best :)"

- Photo Client, 2017


"Took me a minute to decide because there are so many amazing ones! I've honestly never been happier with a session."

- Photo Client, 2017

"I seriously can't thank you enough, this is amazing and I'm beyond grateful...what I wanted from the onset was someone with a great eye to do what I can't, which is pick and choose the elements that would mesh well together and that's exactly what you did here! I really appreciate you looking past the time codes and bringing in bites that I didn't mark off!"

- Reel Client, 2017


"We love your photos and refer to you regularly. Keep up the great work!"

- LA Commercial Agent, 2017

"Your touchups are so great! I’m so picky about things being over touched up but you guys do it beautifully." 

- Photo Client 2017


"You do REALLY good work! Your cuts/edits were perfect and the flow is very good too!"

- Reel Client, 2017


"My acting coach uses your photos as examples of what people should get for their headshots."

- Photo Client, 2017


You in?